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Committee Descriptions


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee functions as a leadership team for the Board, acting with powers delegated to it by the Board.  It facilitates the effective work of the board of directors with regard to strategy, planning, financial administration and programmatic oversight in execution of the board's governing duties and responsibilities. In the interim between board meetings, the Executive Committee also acts on behalf of the board on essential business matters to the extent permitted by law or otherwise not prohibited by board policies.  Led by the NAMA Board Chair, the Committee is comprised of the NAMA board officers and up to three voting directors as appointed by the Chair with the approval of the board.  The President & CEO serves as an ex-officio member of the committee.

Finance & Audit

The Finance & Audit Committee provides oversight for the financial administration of the 501 (c) (6) membership association and its affiliated 501 (c)(3) Foundation. The committee reviews and advises management on financial operations, reserve positions, and investment matters for these organizations.  It oversees administration of the NAMA Employee Pension Plan including compliance with legal and IRS regulations, and appropriate risk management strategy.  The Finance & Audit Committee acts on behalf of the association and foundation boards of directors to oversee all material aspects of the organization's financial reporting, internal control, and audit functions, maintaining a strong, positive working relationship with management, external auditors and other committee advisors. As appropriate, the committee recommends to the boards the adoption of financial policy and procedure to ensure compliance with governmental and regulatory requirements and effective financial stewardship of the enterprise.  Chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, committee composition includes up to six voting directors.

Director Nominations

The Director Nominations Committee recommends candidates for service on the NAMA Board of Directors that are seated through election by the general membership.  Utilizing established policies, procedures and best practices, the committee works to identify the most highly-qualified slate of candidates to execute the duties of the governing board and to advance the strategic goals and objectives of the association.  The committee is chaired by the immediate past chair of the board and includes the current chair, two past directors, and representatives from 2-4 member companies at-large.  Voting members of the board may serve on the committee but are prohibited from serving as chair.  Committee composition is proposed annually by the board chair and requires approval of the full Board.

Officer Nominations

The Officer Nominations Committee proposes candidates for the officer positions of the board including Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Chair, Chair-Elect and Chair of the Board which are approved by majority vote of the full Board of Directors.  Committee composition includes the Immediate Past Chair of the Board who serves as chair, two active Chair Emeritus, and two at-large members of the Board who are not current officers or members of the Executive Committee.


AMHIC (Automatic Merchandising Health-Industry Council)

AMHIC is a joint council composed of representatives of public health and convenience services, created to serve as an advisory committee to NAMA in providing recommendations on current technology for the NSF/NAMA/ANSI 25 Standard, certification programs, and other activities concerning education, training, and issues pertaining to health and safety.

Coffee Services Committee

The Coffee Services Committee (CSC) oversees NAMA's full range of programs, products and services targeted at this business segment with an emphasis on education for the operator.  It plays as a primary role in the planning and execution of the Coffee, Tea & Water conference and other coffee-specific activities such as OneShow education sessions and exposition design.  The CSC also serves in a liaison role with other NAMA committees to leverage opportunities for delivery of relevant offerings through the association's broader portfolio of services. This may include editorial content; research; best practices, training/tools; and advocacy work with NAMA's various publics on matters of importance to the coffee service sector.  CSC members also serve as ambassadors for their interest area and play an active, direct role in the recruitment and retention of members from this market space.

Education and Certification

The Education Committee has two primary roles—1) to establish and maintain the broad curriculum that comprises the body of knowledge for the vending and refreshments services industry; and 2) to guide development of the associated educational programs, products and services that NAMA delivers.  This includes but is not limited to content for the OneShow, the CTW event, seminars, training sessions, workshops, distance learning offerings and other professional development offerings from NAMA.  The committee also advises on preferred delivery methods (e.g. live, distance, audio, etc.) for NAMA's education offerings.  With regard to certification, the committee reviews existing programs to ensure alignment and currency with competencies as defined by the body of knowledge and identifies opportunities for development of new certifications as appropriate.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee supports the development of NAMA's strategy, positions and advocacy actions in the government affairs arena. It is responsible for identifying, monitoring, and evaluating legislative and regulatory matters at the national and state levels and for recommending actions that will protect, support and advance the specific interests of NAMA members, and of the vending and refreshment services industry writ large. This includes but is not limited to issue identification and prioritization, development and promulgation of policy positions, execution and/or support of advocacy activities, and communication to members on matters of importance such as grassroots calls to action, interpretation of regulations, and other compliance-related requirements.

Public Relations and Affairs

This group provides strategic oversight to the development and execution of major external relations efforts conducted by the association to positively influence key audiences, combat negative trends, and foster industry growth.  This includes keystone programs (Industry Growth Strategy; Balanced for Life/Fit Pick) and other major PR/media relations targeted at consumers, public officials and industry participants. The committee recommends advocacy, media, and outreach strategies to influence these audiences and supports execution of priority tactics to accomplish stated objectives. This includes development of marketing collateral/campaigns to advance association and industry image and brand; articles, interviews and other advertisement in print and broadcast media; and high-visibility actions to showcase the industry and association.

Research & Information Resources

The Research and Information Resources Committee oversees the creation and collection of information that comprises NAMA's portfolio of information products.  In the area of research, it establishes and refreshes the association's comprehensive research agenda and guides annual prioritization and focus for the specific products offered by NAMA.  Committee members support the creation of proprietary research as well as acquisition of secondary research from other sources.  With regard to overall information resources, the committee provides high-level editorial direction for In-Touch magazine, all electronic publications, and the NAMA website. This involves environmental scanning for trends, issues, and developments in the industry and the broader business arena and advising on the overall content mix for association communications to ensure that the informational needs of members and the industry are appropriately addressed.

Trade Show Advisory

The Trade Show Advisory Committee provides consultation, feedback and a communications conduit between OneShow participants and the association.  It is comprised of exhibitors, operators, brokers and distributors who provide input on the event experience and strategies for continuous improvement to boost value and return on investment.  The committee advises NAMA on specific activities, practices, policies and procedures for Exposition functions and assists with onsite activities such as greeting and mentoring first time exhibitors. They also act as visible ambassadors to all Expo attendees.

Ad Hoc & Taskforce Groups

CEO/Executive Forum Program Planning

The NAMA Executive Forum Program Planning Task Force is comprised of industry thought leaders charged with supporting the conceptual development and execution of NAMA's inaugural executive forum event.  This includes design of education program content, speaker selection, networking activities and planning of the overall Forum experience.  The committee also is responsible for contributing to the performance of the meeting by guiding marketing activities and helping to drive attendance, sponsorship, and other forms of support in line with programmatic and budgetary goals.

Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) Advisory Council

This group has two primary roles: 1) broadly, to provide a communications conduit between this key constituent group and the association by representing its unique interests and supporting implementation of NAMA's service response on its behalf; and 2) specifically, to support development and delivery of NAMA's multi-year strategy for utilization of social media and new delivery platforms for peer-to-peer information exchange, networking, and interaction.   Chaired and comprised of future owners/leaders from operator and other companies in the industry supply chain, this advisory group will also help to shape thought leadership, association programs, products and services for the "next generation" of executives who will lead the industry.  Recruitment of their peers to membership and active participation in the association is also an expectation of the group.

WIN (Women in the Industry)

The WIN group is open to women with careers in the convenience services industry. WIN’s purpose is to connect women throughout the convenience services industry, encouraging professionals to meet, share ideas and develop important business relationships. WIN promotes unity and leadership by empowering women professionals of the industry through education and networking.

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