The Industry Growth Strategy is a NAMA initiative designed to revitalize the image of vending and stimulate growth. Based on comprehensive industry and consumer research, the plan aims to engage consumers (especially Gen Y consumers, aged 18-27) in a dialogue about exciting new machines, products and technologies in vending. The program is designed to flood the consumer marketplace with positive messages and images of vending, encourage consumers to use vending, and build loyalty to the channel.

Why an Industry Growth Strategy?

Growth is a strategic imperative for both the vending industry and NAMA. To accomplish this, the Industry Growth Strategy has been designed to:

  • Meet the challenges we face as an industry and begin to grow by generating excitement among consumers about what the channel offers today, as well as its enormous potential for the future.
  • Reinforce positive perceptions and change negative perceptions of vending – among both users and non-users – repositioning it as a preferred, convenient, value-driven retail option.
  • Change old stereotypes of vending by communicating that the vending experience has changed and continues to evolve based on technology and consumer preferences.
  • Support NAMA’s legislative agenda by incorporating the industry’s position on key government issues into program elements when appropriate.
  • Communicate the vending industry’s deep understanding of consumer needs, and its commitment and ability to meet and exceed those needs with relevant offerings.

How Will We Do It?

  • The IGS will widely disseminate positive messages and images of vending, conveying the profound changes technology has brought to the channel that make vending fun, affordable, reliable, convenient and easy.
  • Gen Y (ages 18-27) is the best target for an Industry Growth Strategy because they already enjoy and actually prefer using vending, have an affinity for new technologies, and typically set trends that others follow.
  • We will engage consumers in an interactive dialogue about vending to make it more personal, relevant and meaningful.

igs action_plan

NAMA’s Industry Growth Strategy will initially be comprised of the following four major initiatives:


  • This highly viral, nationwide Facebook contest will encourage Gen Y and other consumers to upload photos, videos and descriptions of their favorite machines, locations or products. Users will encourage others to “Like” their entries, and those with the most “Likes” will win cash prizes.
  • The contest will communicate key messages about value, convenience, variety, quality and reliability, and will reinforce that vending delivers what consumers want.
  • The result: Increased positive awareness of vending and increased sales, in addition to providing actionable information for NAMA members.

The Gratitude Tour

  • A mobile marketing tour – The Gratitude Tour – will take machines on the road (to seven markets with heavy Gen Y populations) with open-air events that feature “Dream Machines” (the newest, latest technology and products), and convey thanks to Gen Y for making vending their preferred retail channel.
  • The tour allows us to capture the media’s attention on a national and local basis, thus helping to reach millions of Gen Y consumers, as well as other generations.

Putting Vending Online

  • This core communications element of the program will reach Gen Y consumers where they are through a “vendialogue” – an interactive buzz built through social media, websites, blogs, viral videos and web feeds, in addition to interactive tools, which include an online media hub and mobile nutrition iPhone app.
  • IGS news will also be packaged and shared with mainstream media to reach Gen X, Baby Boomers, legislative audiences and current/potential NAMA members.

Vending Vanguard

  • This program will build credibility and reach by engaging the support and implied “endorsements” of key third parties – both inside and outside the industry – that will help reach the target consumer. These include Gen Y thought leaders, social/recreational groups in key markets, vending industry leaders and college/university campus organizations.

igs outcomes

  • Greater top-of-mind awareness measured through benchmarking
  • Renewed enthusiasm and participation among NAMA members, plus NEW members
  • Putting consumers in front of vending machines will result in increased sales
  • This program delivers what in-location decision makers want, ultimately resulting in increased sales
  • Greater number of Government Affairs successes
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