NAMA represents the $25 billion US convenience services industry. 

NAMA Board of Directors

2019 Call for Nominations


Applications are now open for service on the NAMA Board of Directors. Be a part of the leadership team that is shaping the future of the convenience services industry. Apply today!

Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit a complete application that fully communicates your qualifications and desire to serve on the NAMA Board of Directors. Any candidate that submits an incomplete application will be notified and given the opportunity to resubmit providing that sufficient time is available within the application period. In addition, if chosen to move forward in the process, applicant must be available for a phone interview on November 28 or 29, 2018.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Villegas at or call 312.291.7231.

Checklist Before Submitting Your Application

  • Do you meet the hurdle criteria?
  • Does your application fully communicate your intent and qualifications to serve?
  • Did you include a current resume or professional biography?
  • Are you available for a required phone interview on November 28 or 29, 2018 if requested?

Applicant Critera

In order for an individual to be considered for service on the board of directors, certain conditions must be met. Candidates must meet all of the hurdle criteria to be eligible for service. Additionally, preference criteria define the attributes that are desired of individuals who serve on the NAMA board. Although no person need satisfy all of these elements, qualified candidates will meet as many of the preference criteria as possible.

Hurdle Criteria (eligible candidates must meet each of the following criteria):
  • Good Standing: Is a full-time employee of a NAMA member company in good standing which abides by the NAMA Business & Ethical Standards, and is not currently represented on the board of directors.
  • Senior Position: Holds a senior-level management position within that company (e.g. vice-president, president, chief operating officer, chief executive officer, chairman, etc.).
  • Industry Experience: Has a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the convenience services industry or a corollary level of experience in a related field (e.g., consultant / service provider to the industry, adjacent vertical market / channel, etc.).
  • Eligible: Submits a candidate application that fully meets the requirements and expectations articulated in the form and that allows the committee to adequately assess the individual's eligibility for service.
Preference Criteria (denotes the desired skills and attributes for NAMA directors):
  • Committed: Demonstrates the willingness and ability to make the time commitment for service on the board and to further the goals of the association through active participation.
  • Experienced: Has prior experience and/or service at the Board level with other organizations. Shows an understanding and appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of a non-profit governing body as evidenced by service on other boards, clubs and membership associations.
  • Involved: Has a demonstrated awareness and track record of involvement in NAMA volunteer activities (e.g. service on committees, speaking, writing, etc.).
  • Vested: Demonstrates a vested interest in and support for the association's activities, programs, and causes. Contributes intellectual, human and financial resources, both personal and corporate, in execution of NAMA's strategic and operational agenda.
  • Connected: Possesses relationships within the industry and/or to strategically important external stakeholders that advance accomplishment of NAMA's goals and objectives (e.g., influence with a cross section of industry players, outside audiences such as government officials, technology companies, payment networks, etc.)
Additional Requirements & Information

A comprehensive description of the roles, responsibilities, obligations and expectations for service on the NAMA Board of Directors, including a Director Position Description, is available for download here. Candidates are encouraged to fully review this information prior to submitting an application.

Information on the annual nominations and elections process is available for download here.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association does not discriminate on any basis including race, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

NAMA Board of Directors Application

PLEASE NOTE: this application form contains multiple questions and input fields. We recommend you prepare and save answers in a separate document as a back up to electronic submission.

Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive a message on the screen and an e-mail acknowledging that we received your application. If for some reason you don't receive both or have questions please contact Melissa Villegas at or call 312.291.7231.

The following questions will be evaluated according to the hurdle criteria. Hurdle criteria focus on experience and individual / organizational demographics. Candidates must meet all hurdle criteria in order to qualify for consideration.

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PDF files only, please.

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The following questions will be evaluated according to the preference criteria outlined on page two of this application. Preference criteria were designed to help the nominating committee better define specific characteristics of the individual applicant. In formulating answers to these questions, please attempt to illustrate how you meet as many of the preferred criteria as possible.

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