Nominate A LegendA NAMA Coffee Legend is a pioneer, an innovator a leader, a visionary and much more. They are passionate about coffee; they are willing to share that passion to educate and help others succeed.

  1. A nominee must have a minimum of 10 years of service to the coffee industry.
  2. The nominee must be readily recognized as a pioneer or innovator in the coffee industry.
  3. The nominee must have been recognized by his or her peers in the past for exemplary business practices, for being active in local charities or civic projects, or have received recognition for exemplary support of the coffee industry.
  4. The nominee must have been or currently is actively involved in industry associations such as NAMA, CAMA, State Councils and other related groups.
  5. A nominee will have contributed to the promotion of the coffee service industry through trade magazine articles, leading education workshops, published papers, etc.
  6. Distinguished participation to the coffee industry includes but is not limited to coffee service operators, coffee roasters, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers and educators.
  7. The nominee is respected within the industry due to her or his integrity, raising the level of professionalism, helping others succeed, and/or providing educational opportunities.
  8. Must be a NAMA member in good standing at the time of nomination or time of retirement.


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NAMA Coffee Legends

Coffee Legend inductees are selected from an exemplary group of individuals, nominated by their peers making it a real honor.

Final Selection Process:
To become a NAMA Coffee Legend requires an affirmative vote of 80% of the current NAMA Coffee Service Committee members on record. Selections will be made and announced 30 days prior the annual CTW Show. Inductees will be honored at the annual CTW Show.

Submit A Nomination

Download the form to submit your nomination. Please save and email the nomination and copies of any supporting materials to:

Please Note:

Nominations are accepted from January 01 – September 30, each calendar year.


Past Honorees

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Joe Webster
November 2013
Newco Enterprises
Saint Charles, MO
Fred Steiner
November 2012
Imperial Coffee
Toronto, ON
Hal Steuber
November 2011
Associated Services
San Leandro, CA
Stuart Daw
November 2010
Heritage Coffee
London, ON
Posthumously Awarded
Pictured - Son Kevin Daw accepting
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