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NAMA offers many resources designed specifically to help you excel in your organization and move forward in your career. We have created a host of tools designed to help you and your employees refine each and every aspect of your entire operation. Choose the program that fits your needs as well as the needs of your employees to help them grow and succeed.


Upcoming Education Events: 

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Micro Market Seminar

NAMA is offering a new full day program that will highlight key aspects of merchandising, promoting, and operating Micro Markets. Don’t miss this vital program to establishing and maintaining your Micro Markets. Next Program: March 2018, Las Vegas, NV


CoffeeTea&Water Show

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The 2016 NAMA CoffeeTea&Water Show will allow you to network with your fellow coffee, tea and water enthusiasts, gain valuable and in-depth industry-specific education, access current market research, experience new products & tap into emerging business opportunities. November 6-8, 2017, Grapevine, TX

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Quality Coffee Certificate Program

Become a skilled coffee professional by gaining a fundamental yet extensive understanding of coffee production and manufacturing, experience guided tastings and learn the single-serve evaluation process during this 2-day program. This program is a professional development program, a certificate program, and most of all, it's the first step to becoming a coffee expert. Next Programs: November 6-8, 2017, Grapevine, TX


Executive Development Program: Accelerating Careers for High-Potential Leaders

This long-standing, highly reputable program is designed for senior-level industry leaders and is held on the campus of Michigan State University. The program will deliver techniques designed to help attendees learn to grow revenue, develop new marketing plans, think strategically and enhance personal leadership. A customized Personal Action Plan documenting new ideas and strategies for immediate application within your organization is a key benefit of the program. Next program: October 22-26, 2017, East Lansing, MI


Online Learning:

NAMA Webinar Series

NAMA's new webinar series provides members an easy, virtual learning environment on topics ranging from general business to specific industry issues. The OnDemand Series allows you to listen to MP3's on previously hosted webinars.


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The NAMA Learning Center is your virtual resource to advance your career and industry knowledge where you can become an expert in your field through the online process to various certification programs below. Visit, create an account, and start learning today!


nce logoNAMA Certified Executive (NCE)

The NAMA Certified Executive (NCE) designation is awarded to NAMA member industry professionals who demonstrate the commitment, knowledge, integrity and leadership characteristics that distinguish themselves in the vending & refreshment services industry. Be recognized by associates, competitors and customers as an outstanding professional.


ccs logoCertified Coffee Specialist (CCS)

The Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) designation, the coffee service industry's Mark of Distinction awarded by NAMA, provides those professionals who are actively involved in providing refreshment services the opportunity to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Be recognized as an industry leader and prove your expertise.


Nama Professional LogoMicro Market Professional Certificate Program

Have you read Mastering Micro Markets? Are you ready to become a Micro Market Professional? Take our online examination and prove your expertise as you earn NAMA’s Micro Market Professional Certificate.


route driver logoRoute Driver Training and Certificate Program

This online program will assist you in training your route drivers on all aspects of the vending industry that pertain to their daily work activities and provide them the opportunity to become a Certified Route Driver.


Technician Training and Certificate Program

This online program equips your vending repair technicians with the skills needed in areas such as refrigeration and electronics without travel expenses and time away from the job. Reduce customer complaints and equipment maintenance costs...Enroll your technicians in NAMA's online training program today.

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