CRDpatch2Training is an important part of any business but it is critical in vending where customer servicing takes place away from the office and direct supervision. This program will assist you in training your route drivers about all aspects of the vending industry that pertain to their daily work activities.

The program consists of a Route Driver’s Certification Handbook, Trainer’s Guide and five training videos. The program is designed so it can be taught at your place of business by one of your experienced supervisors or managers over an eight-week period. You could also recruit a teacher from your local school district to do the teaching. On the last session, a test is given and returned to NAMA for grading. Those drivers passing the test will receive a Certification of Completion and a shirt patch like that shown here.

Route Driver’s Certification Handbook

It is designed to cover every important element of our industry from the history of vending, routine servicing and sanitation to customer service and marketing to insure that all drivers are certified to current industry standards. The Handbook is divided into the following sections: Knowing Your Industry; Knowing Your Job; winning Customer Loyalty, Maintaining Product Quality; Machines and Trucks; Proper Lifting Techniques, Safe Driving Tips and Follow Security Procedures. The Handbook is available in English or Spanish.

The Trainer’s Guide

It is designed to help your trainer with suggestions for using the material and videos, guidelines for administering the test, individual learning goals, points to stress, learning activities and transparency masters for each of the seven sections in the Driver’s Handbook. We also provide the transparencies as a PowerPoint presentation on a disk so you can customize the presentation.

Route Driver Certification Kit

To initiate this training program you will purchase this kit which contains one Route Driver Certification Handbook for the trainer, one Trainer’s Guide and the following videos: “Behind the Glass – A Look at the Vending Industry”; “A Route to Success: Service Fundamentals for Route Service Drivers”; “Be A Buddy to Your Back”; “How's My Driving? Safe Driving Tips for the Vending Industry”; and “Transporting Perishable Foods.” It will be necessary to purchase a Route Driver’s Certification Handbook for each driver participating in this certification program.

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