NAMA's Technician Training Program is a comprehensive, online course that provides training to vending technicians in areas of job fundamentals, refrigeration and electrical/electronics to further develop the requirements of the position. All materials and exams are offered online.

The program is divided into three levels:

Level 1 - Job Fundamentals

Technician Training 1 Job FundamentalsAn introduction to the vending industry and vending machines. It covers how to be a professional technician; common hand tools; basic soldering techniques; machine moving; minor repairs and maintenance; coin mechanisms and bill validators; pressurized gas cylinders; sanitation fundamental and security practices. After successful completion of an online exam, a certificate and an embroidered patch are awarded.

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Levels 2 & 3 - Refrigeration & Electronics

For technicians who have completed Level 1, the next levels cover refrigeration and electronics for vending machines.

Technician Training 2 Job Fundamentals
Technician Training 3 Job Fundamentals

Refrigeration covers refrigeration theory, heat transference, the refrigeration cycle, related electrical systems, testing compressor windings, testing external compressor parts, and troubleshooting refrigeration systems.

Electronics covers basic electrical principles, Ohm's Law, wiring devices, switches and controls, coils, relays, solenoids, capacitors, transformers and rectifiers, resistors, electronics and semiconductors, electric motors, heaters, electrodes, electrical test equipment and trouble-shooting vending schematics.

With successful completion of both refrigeration and electronics online exams, a certificate and embroidered patches are awarded.

Well trained, vending repair technicians will result in improved time per service call, fewer customer complaints and refunds, fewer repeat service calls, lower equipment maintenance costs, improved employee morale and reduced employee turnover.

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