Industry certification programs provide many benefits, not only to the individuals who hold the certifications and microcredentials, but to employers, the industry as a whole, and to the public. Below are some of the many benefits of professional certifications and microcredentials.


  For the individual:
  • Successfully validates one’s knowledge of the field
  • Demonstrates both internally and externally that a practitioner has the knowledge base to perform their job
  • Enhances credibility and professional reputation
  • Differentiates professionals from competitors who don’t hold a certification or microcredential
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the profession
  • Provides a clear, value-added professional development path
  • Looks great on a resume and a business card!


  For the employer:
  • Establishes a baseline employee competence level
  • Creates a competitive advantage over other companies whose employees aren’t certified Is more powerful than self-promotion, as knowledge is validated by a third party
  • Is more powerful than self-promotion, as knowledge is validated by a third party
  • Reflects company-wide expertise in an ever-changing landscape
  • Makes for a more motivated staff with a higher morale because they feel important and necessary to the bottom line and overall growth of the organization


  For the industry as a whole:
  • Enhances the reputation of the industry
  • Identifies qualified service providers Provides a level of confidence in service providers


Lastly, for the external stakeholders, your customers – it puts you front and center to better serve your clients by increasing their confidence in their service providers.


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