Technician Training Summit: The Art of Root Cause Diagnostics

Tuesday | November 19 | 7:45 – 9:15 AM

A combination of discussion and hands-on presentations will show you the operational overview, component identification, and functionality of Lavit’s capsule machine. Then, you will be trained in troubleshooting through the process of elimination and the use of root cause diagnostics. The session will be led by Lavit’s very own Ken Epling, who brings over 20 years of technical training experience.

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Ken boasts 30 years of experience in ultra-premium appliance manufacturing in North America, with Global manufacturing experience in New Zealand, Australia, and China. Ken has successfully established best in class premier technical and customer support programs at a national level, with a focus on Customer-centricity, the reengineering and improving processes and strengthening partnerships by providing world-class customer and technical support ensuring the customer’s experience is paramount throughout the organization. Ken is most proud of creating a Premier National customer care program known as “The White Glove Service Network.” Ken is best known for his changing the way businesses look at their customer care and technical operations.

A few Quotes from Ken:

“Though many companies pay great  lip service to their service offering, they do not follow through with the support needed to ensure their customer care offering is world-class!”

“You must look at your customer care offering as an extension of your sales dept, and treat as such!”

“Providing world-class customer care and best in class technical support is an art. You have the blank canvas, what will you make of it?”