Stop Cold Calling and Start Engaging: Your Playbook to a Better Business Development Strategy

Tuesday | November 19 | 9:45 – 10:45 AM

Cold calling is no longer a viable business development strategy, yet so many sales people still engage in this practice as a primary way to generate new business. What cold calling fails to consider: the prospect and their buying journey. As a result of that lack of knowledge, even “successful cold calls” usually turn into a waste of time, energy and money. What business owners and sales people should be thinking about: How can I get prospects to reach out to me? Today, there are so many ways to cultivate “warm calls,” which lead to real opportunity. This session will explore the strategies that put sales reps in front of quality prospects, at a reasonable cost per appointment.


Bob Tullio
TullioB2B LLC

Since selling his business in January of 2017, Bob Tullio has been an active industry consultant at, focused on content creation, strategic planning, sales training and business development. In addition to serving a growing client base, he has written over 50 columns and features, providing operators and others with an inside look at how he helped build a successful business from the ground up.