Sustainability & Single-Use Disposable Products – From Words to Actions

Tuesday | November 19 | 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

A lot is at stake and things are moving rapidly in the need to go green and collectively change our consumption habits. Understanding the basics around single use disposable products, including trends, who’s taking the lead on sustainability efforts, what makes a product eco-friendly, governmental initiatives, and what you can do to accelerate the adoption of green initiatives in your business is imperative.

During this session you will get your questions answered, and will come away with the knowledge needed to help make informed decisions, as well as to share with and educate your colleagues and customers alike. Together we can align our industry to not only market more green products, but to go from words to actions.


Melissa Brown
Founder & Owner
Well-Bean Coffee

Melissa Brown, B.S. in Exercise Science from Liberty University. Melissa is the founder and owner of Well-Bean Coffee, a flourishing coffee roaster and OCS operation in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Well-Bean began in 2012 with a vision that occurred during a coffee farm tour while visiting her parent’s non-profit ministry in Nicaragua known as New Song. Melissa realized her dream of importing coffee directly from countries of origin farmers and began contributing back to New Song through the profits.

Jon Ferguson
Coffee Quality Specialist
Arbor Day Foundation

Jon Ferguson is a seasoned Coffee Quality Specialist for the Arbor Day Foundation with over 15 years of roasting and coffee sourcing experience. Ferguson is a licensed Q-Grader and the current North Central Regional Coordinator for the Specialty Coffee Association U.S. Chapter. He remains intimately involved with coffee producers in Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico, where he regularly visits cooperatives and estate farms to improve and maintain quality relationships.