Trending Technologies in Convenience Services

Monday | November 18 | 1:15 – 2:15 PM

Innovation and evolving technologies are not only driving the industry forward, but will alter both the consumer experience and operator profitability. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, emerging technologies must be efficiently and effectively implemented. This panel of industry experts will provide an overview of the trending technologies in various industry channels and discuss those which they perceive as most relevant for applications for convenience services.

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Michael Kasavana, Ph.D
NAMA Endowed Professor

“Michael L. Kasavana, Ph.D., is the Emeritus NAMA Endowed Professor in Hospitality Business, The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University having retired from MSU after nearly four decades of teaching and research. He remains an active researcher and consultant, focusing on current and near future developments in hospitality-related technologies including: electronic commerce, self-service applications, property management systems, and transaction processing technology and created a series of instructional materials, industry manuals, application software, and certification programs.

Dr. Kasavana is engaged in innovative and creative solutions for online and offline, cash and cashless, physical and virtual data exchange, location-based services and digital media. He has conducted extensive research on the impact of technology on hospitality industry productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage and is credited with coining the phrases “V-Commerce”, “V-Engineering”, “Menu Engineering” and “Auto-Coursing.”

Dr. Kasavana was named the 2011 NAMA Industry Person of the Year and is a recipient of the MSU Distinguished Faculty Award. In addition, he was inducted into the HFTP International Technology Hall of Fame and was presented the Distinguished Lifetime Achievements Award from FS/TEC for foodservice technology innovation. He has authored, or co-authored, several books, including the industry best-selling texts Managing Front Office Operations (10th edition) and Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry (8th edition).”


Maeve Duska
SVP of Marketing and Strategic Development
USA Technologies

In her current role as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development, Maeve Duska is responsible for business, industry and marketing strategy for the multinational company. Maeve has been at the helm of customer and consumer engagement for more than 20 years, and can provide insight into the evolving landscape of the self-serve and unattended retail and how attendees can not only incorporate technology into point-of-sale, but leverage the data from these programs to significantly grow their business and customize the experience for every customer.

John Hickey
Tech 2 Success LLC

John Hickey co-founded Tech 2 Success in 2014 to provide cloud hosting, OCS e-commerce sites, OptConnect connectivity for micro markets, internet marketing, website design, operations improvement and IT consulting to vending, OCS and micro market operators of all sizes. Tech 2 Success also provides support for several manufacturers and payment system providers. Prior to forming Tech 2 Success, John served in executive roles in IT and operations for several vending operations. He led a diverse team of IT and operations professionals to achieve unmatched service metrics, inventory and cash accountability and data intelligence by developing and implementing a remote monitoring and dynamic routing system that was just a vision at its commencement. John is active on social media and produces “According to Hickey,” a podcast on business, technology and entrepreneurship.

Paresh Patel, Ph.D
CEO & Founder

Dr. Paresh Patel is a lifelong entrepreneur whose passion for applying breakthrough technologies to established business models has fueled his success in multiple ventures. He first gained operational experience as founder and CEO of Courtesy Vending, building it from a garage startup into a widely recognized leader. He is not only an early adopter of innovative technology but also a creator when no solutions exist. He has designed software and solutions across his companies to gain competitive advantages and grow market share. His latest company, PayRange, is reinventing how the world pays machines that include vending, parking, laundry, amusement, and more. A true innovator, he has over 45 patents issued or pending. He connects dots, invents unique approaches, simplifies products, and designs new customer experiences. Paresh is a long time industry veteran with a multi-faceted career. He is committed to always searching out new ways to improve the industry, not only through using technology to its fullest, but by creating technology where none exists.