Sketching a Vision For the Future; Small Operator Round Table

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
11:00AM – 12:00PM

Track: Business Operations
Room: N247 | N245

Businesses both large and small must develop and share a strategic plan, goals and tactics to shape organizational priorities in order to improve operations year over year. This session will provide a framework for defining and developing measurable and attainable goals for all personnel. You will learn useful techniques and best practices on how to narrow the goals to down to what is truly important, how to sell the goals to the organization, and how to overcome the sometimes inevitable resistance to change, to ensure employee buy-in and engagement, as well as company growth.

Solo Presenter; Faucilitator:


Ben White
Professional Services
Crane Connectivity Solutions

Ben has enjoyed working in the convenience services industry his entire adult life. A long-time Director of Operations for an enterprise in the Mid-Atlantic region, Ben developed a deep respect for the hard working men and women who make our industry possible. He also developed and implemented hundreds of business systems to produce higher productivity, greater profitability, and consistently positive work environments. Currently, Ben is a training and teaching specialist for Crane Connectivity Solutions.

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