Taking Technician Training into the 21st Century

Thursday, April 25, 2019
8:30AM – 10:00AM

Room: N250

In the fast-paced equipment world and the changing nature of business, technicians need new tools, new technologies, and new connections to work better and smarter. Brewing equipment in the 21stcentury is much more sophisticated than it used to be.  This not-to-be-missed panel of industry experts will help you navigate the new training formats, provide insight into training different generations, and share best practices for using new equipment and increasing technician performance. Following the panel discussion, there will be an open forum Q&A session – get your questions answered!



Frank Baron
Cafection Ventures Inc.

Making a career and becoming successful out of a passion corresponds to François “Frank” Baron’s story. Frank literally grew up in a coffee machine. At the age of 9, the actual CEO of Cafection | Evoca was already learning the trade by fixing brewing equipment with his father.

Working as a technician for his first five “official” years, Frank became vice-president of sales in the family business at the age of 22. In 1996, Frank and his father founded Cafection and started manufacturing their own brewers. Progressively climbing the ladder, Frank became president of Cafection in 2011, and then, CEO of Cafection | Evoca in 2017.

Understanding the coffee industry, the complexity of a technician’s work and the end user’s requirements, Frank has always set high reliability and taste standards while bearing in mind the technician’s jobs. It is from this perspective that on top of building easy to fix and maintain coffee machines, Frank’s company created Sophia, the first software meant to monitor and control Internet-connected coffee machines. Thus, facilitating everyone’s job, from management to servicing and maintenance.


Brian Cook
Service Manager
Associated Services

Brian S. Cook is the Corporate Technical Manager at Associated Services, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has 31 years of experience as a field technician, service supervisor, and manager of Associated’s Central Repair Shop. He manages a team of 16 technicians, and works closely with Associated’s sales staff, vendors, and customers to ensure the quality installation and reliable service of coffee and beverage machines to over 3000 corporate customers. He is versed in the set-up, programming, and maintenance of many models ranging from old school brewers to some of the newest and most sophisticated brewing and beverage dispensing machinery available today.


Maurits de Jong
Managing Director
de Jong Duke

Having been in vending and office coffee service since 1994, Maurits can almost be considered an industry veteran. He has been active on the North-American market since the late nineties and committed to the North-American market with the establishment of a production facility & support office in Taylor Michigan since 2009. As managing director & part owner of de Jong DUKE and as member of the Executive Committee of the European Vending & Coffee Service Association where he is representing OCS, Maurits has shown an extensive commitment to the vending & OCS /coffee industry. His drive continues to be the design and creation of innovative coffee solutions that are reliable and easy-to-use. De Jong DUKE is a Dutch-American manufacturer of coffee and espresso machines with production facilities in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands & Taylor MI and has received numerous business and design awards in Europe and the US.


Drew Dutton
Director of Equipment Services
Royal Cup

Speaker Bio Coming Soon


Karalynn McDermott
SVP, Marketing Development

Since 1987, Karalynn has been in the coffee brewing equipment manufacturing aspect of the industry focusing on strategic marketing and sales. Karalynn’s understanding and passion for the science of brewing extraction have allowed her to aid roasters and micro-roasters with recipe development for their coffee programs. She has assisted operators to adopt innovative new technologies such as thermal servers, pulse brewing, and trifecta(r) – single cup, BUNNlink- Remote Equipment Management to enhance their coffee programs.

In 1997, she was part of a grass roots effort to resurrect the Golden Cup(r) Award after it had been dormant for 40 years. Karalynn led the “Brew Crew” that authored and taught the Brewing Fundamentals curriculum for the Specialty Coffee Association of America. In addition, she served on the SCAA Board of Directors from 2000 – 2004, receiving the Special Recognition Award from the association in 2004. Karalynn serves on the Education Committee of NAMA and the NAMA Foundation Board.


Tim Spencer
SVP and GM, Service Operations

Tim Spencer has a diverse background of manufacturing management, operations leadership, service and support, and general management. Working within multi-billion dollar companies, he has service experience driving change leadership across global environments. With unique solutions and innovation, Tim has led revenue and profit growth, new product development, and customer satisfaction at The Standard Register Corporation, General Binding Corporation, ACCO Brands, WMS Gaming Inc, Scientific Games, and most recently with BUNN. He is the recipient of excellence awards from both Gartner Group and Aberdeen, and has been recognized by technology organizations for implementations in field service management solutions. He is a graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in Business Finance and currently resides in Springfield, IL.

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