NAMA's state council program was founded in the 1960's. Each affiliated state association promotes the common business interests and general welfare of the convenience services industry in its state and works closely with NAMA. State Councils represent important industry interests before state and local legislative bodies and government agencies to improve the industry's service to the public. By joining both your state council and NAMA you help support the full range of activities, federal, state, and local, that benefit the entire industry. To find out more about these associations and how you might benefit from membership in your state group contact the NAMA staff member listed below.


Pam Gilbert
Director, Member Communities
1530 Wilson Boulevard, Suite #720
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 571/346-1901, Fax: 703/807-2006

Alabama Vending Association
Connecticut Vending Association
Automatic Merchandising Association of Florida
Georgia Automatic Merchandising Council
Kentucky Automatic Merchandising Council
Indiana Refreshment Providers Association
Vending Machine Operators of Louisiana
Maryland-D.C. Vending Association
Massachusetts Vending Association
Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association
Mississippi Automatic Merchandising Association
New Hampshire State Vending Association
New York State Automatic Vending Association
Ohio Automatic Merchandising Association
Pine Tree Vending Association (ME)
Rhode Island Vending Association
Tennessee Automatic Merchandising Association
Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council (PA, NJ, DE)
Vermont Vending Association


Marilyn Dent
Manager, Federal Affairs & Events
1530 Wilson Boulevard, Suite #720
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 571/317-0944, Fax: 703/807-2006

Deborah Lara
Member Communities Manager
80 South Lake Avenue, Suite #538
Pasadena, CA 91101
Ph: 626/229-0900, Fax: 626/229-0777

Arkansas Vending Council
Arizona Automatic Merchandising Council
California Automatic Vendors Council
Colorado Vending Council
Hawaii Automatic Merchandising Association
Intermountain Vending Council (UT, ID, MT, WY)
Illinois Automatic Merchandising Council
Iowa Automatic Merchandising Association
Mid-America Automatic Merchandising Association (MO/KS)
Minnesota Automatic Merchandising Council
Northwest Automatic Vending Association (AK, OR, WA)
Oklahoma Vendors Association
Texas Merchandise Vending Association
Wisconsin Automatic Merchandising Council

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