NAMA Construction Standard

The NAMA "Standard for the Sanitary Design and Construction of Food and Beverage Vending Machines" is a voluntary standard governing the sanitary design and construction of food and beverage vending machines and related dispensing equipment and incorporates the requirements of the FDA Model Food Code . The standard was developed and is kept current with the active participation of NAMA's Automatic Merchandising Health-Industry Council (AMHIC) comprised of regulatory officials, vending operators and industry representatives.

The NAMA Construction Standard contains basic requirements relating to materials, design, construction and performance of vending machines within the limits cited in the Standard. These requirements are based upon sound engineering principles, research, records of tests, field experience and an appreciation of the problems of manufacturing, installation and use derived from consultation with and information obtained from manufacturers, vending operators, regulatory officials and others having specialized experience. These requirements are subject to revision as further experience and investigation show it necessary or desirable.

NAMA has additional requirements a company must comply with to be able to obtain and maintain a Listing of vending machines and authority to use the NAMA Service Mark. These include requirements for initial and annual testing and evaluation, either announced or unannounced.

NAMA Service Mark

Effective March 1, 1992, NAMA initiated the field identification of Listed vending machines by the application of the NAMA Service Mark.

Vending machines are evaluated by NAMA to determine if they conform to the requirements of the NAMA Construction Standard before a company is authorized to use the NAMA Service Mark on their Listed vending machines and/or their advertising for these machines. Companies authorized to use the NAMA Service Mark have signed a contract agreeing the NAMA Service Mark will be placed only on products fully complying with the NAMA Construction Standard.

In addition, the company agrees to abide by all other NAMA requirements as specified in the general policies relating to the use of the NAMA Service Mark. If the NAMA Service Mark is misused or vending machines do not continue to comply with these requirements, NAMA will take appropriate enforcement action to rectify such situations.

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Listed vending machines must bear the NAMA Service Mark, as shown here, in some form.

The NAMA Service Mark may be die stamped, printed on a metal plate together with or separate from other machine identification plates or it may be printed on a durable pressure-sensitive type of material.

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