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Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS)

The Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) designation is the coffee service industry's Mark of Distinction awarded by NAMA. It provides those professionals who are actively involved in convenience services the opportunity to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Be recognized as an industry leader and prove your expertise.

Who should earn the CCS designation?

  • Coffee sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Company owners
  • Route sales representatives

In order to qualify to sit for the CCS examination, you must have at least one year of industry-related experience, and have completed at least two of the four Essence of Coffee modules.

Module 1 - Coffee Concepts

This first module of a four-part series will take you on a journey starting with the origin of coffee from its history through roasting, blending and the finished product.

Module 2 - It’s in the Cup

Module 2 will begin with a discussion and tasting of a variety of coffee taste profiles and blends, and will continue with an overview of brewing equipment and the experience offered to the customer.

Module 3 - C-Commerce (Collaborative Commerce)

Gain a better understanding of how to effectively utilize Collaborative commerce (C-commerce) to enhance your overall OCS business, maximize your efficiencies and increase profitability. This involves optimization of supply chain, distribution channels and new technology to efficiently assist with the communication of the various business channels. In collaborative commerce, organizations coordinate with each other and within OCS company departments, as a way of cross functionalizing their efforts.

Module 4 - Top to Bottom OCS Operations

In today’s OCS environment it is critically important that a company establish a work environment that consists of a strong working relationship between operations and sales. Take a deep dive into how to effectively establish the strategic objectives of revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for an OCS organization. Gain a better understanding of how to bring to fruition the true teamwork of operations and sales, to ensure that the winner is the bottom line!

Apply for the CCS Examination

Questions? Please contact Eric Larson at

Please list your date of attendance for at least two of the four Essence of Coffee modules. Please use N/A for the modules that you have not yet attended.

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