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Operator Membership

Companies providing convenience services (vending, coffee service, micro markets, and pantry services) to business, industry, educational, health care and public locations

Supplier Membership
Firms that are:

  • manufacturers of vendible products, rebuilders, remanufacturers or renovators of vending machines, serving operator companies; or
  • manufacturers of conversion kits, components, unattended/self check out and Kiosk systems and other supplies used by operators.

Machine Manufacturer Membership 
Firms that are manufacturers of merchandise vending machines that are coin-operated or accept cashless payment.

Distributor Membership
Firms that maintain inventory on their premises as they represent makers of product and equipment for the convenience services industry.

Broker Membership 
Firms that are Independent manufacturers’ representatives appointed to act as their exclusive sales agent in an assigned geographic area.

Subscriber (International) Membership
International non-voting member firms subscribing to all NAMA services. These companies including operators, suppliers, machine manufacturers, distributors, and brokers are located outside the U.S. and have no vending, coffee service, micro market and/or pantry service business in the U.S.

Sustaining Membership 
Companies or individuals providing personal or corporate services to the convenience services industry, such as

  • advertising agencies
  • college's or university's
  • healthcare institutions
  • purchasing cooperative organizations
  • financial institutions
  • engineering research and development
  • insurance
  • management consultants
  • original equipment manufacturers of parts and components sold only to vending machine manufacturers

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