Micro markets are an innovative and expanding retailing channel distinguished by automated self-service in an unattended payment environment. With micro markets, food and necessities can be purchased at the workplace, airport, etc. Take advantage of this innovation in convenience services and expand your knowledge of micro markets with NAMA.

NAMA provides all the resources needed to aid your success with micro markets. The Mastering Micro Markets manual identifies business guidelines to assist operators in achieving competitive advantage, improved productivity, and enhanced profitability. When you’re ready to prove your expertise, you can take the examination to earn the Micro Market Professional Certificate. Earning the certificate shows proficiency in important aspects of micro markets and entitles you supplier discounts. NAMA also provides free articles and guidelines. Use the links below to get started.

Mastering Micro Markets Micro Market Professional Certificate Access Your Courses


Micro Market – A Retail Food Establishment
Micro Market – A New Innovation in Automatic Merchandising
Understanding and Working with Regulatory Agencies
Regulatory Compliance
Guidance for Unattended Food Establishments

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