Attention Operators!

Take our 2016 Industry Census Survey and help NAMA keep our industry statistics up to date.

This data is used at the Fly-In and daily to advocate on your behalf. The survey will only take 30 minutes of your time and can make a HUGE impact in helping advance our industry.

On Monday, May 1, the survey will launch and you will receive an email directly from Technomic with a link to the online survey. To ensure these emails don't go to your junk box, please add this domain to your safe senders list:



The data points collected and aggregated through this study provide information on the size, scale and economic impact the convenience services industry at federal, state and local levels that become critical for NAMA’s government affairs department in advocating on your behalf. This data is also an invaluable tool for operators and the entire convenience services industry to evaluate market share, growth trends and benchmarking tools.

Please note, that your personal company information will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared with NAMA or any other party, and that individual responses are aggregated with all other responses by Technomic’s professional research team.

Before you begin

  • For optimal user experience, please open this survey using the Google Chrome web browser.
  • The survey is comprised of 6 sections, two of which are required and the other four are variable based on the business lines in which you indicate you are actively involved. Depending on the number of business lines your company is involved in and the accessibility of the information requested, the survey is estimated to take 20-35 minutes to complete.

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If you do not have these figures currently available or need additional time you can close the survey and resume the survey at any time using the link provided in your email from Technomic. (Note: If you need to return to a previously completed section to make edits, please make sure at least 25 minutes has elapsed since completing that respective section.)

Once you have completed a section, you will be directed to the first question set for the business lines that you have indicated that you do business in (as indicated in the first portion of this survey). After you complete the section, you will be re-routed back to the menu (shown below) to choose the next section that you would like to complete.

Business Line Descriptions

◈ Vending Machines - Self-service devices that automatically dispense a predetermined unit serving of food or beverage without having to be replenished after each use.
◈ Micro Markets - Unattended stores located in a secure building or workplace that offer fresh foods, snacks, and beverages for purchase via a self-checkout kiosk.
◈ Office Coffee Service (OCS) – The providing of coffee and related allied products to a workplace.
◈ Pantry Services - Providing a variety of complimentary food, snacks, beverages (hot/cold) and fresh items in a workplace café setting.

  • Click here to view a summary of the types of data you may want to have on-hand and accessible when completing the survey.
  • Click here for a complete listing of the definition of terms used in the survey


The survey closes Wednesday, May 17 at close of business.


Questions? While NAMA and Technomic have rigorously tested these questions to ensure clarity, we understand that questions may arise as you progress through the survey. Please feel free to contact us directly at any time and we will gladly answer your questions. Support contact: Peter N. Cynkar,, 1-312-506-3811

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