The NAMA Health & Safety department oversees the health, safety and technical issues relating to the food and beverage vending industry.  This department was started in 1957 to help the industry meet its public health responsibilities to vend safe and wholesome foods. Now the program promotes cooperation with regulatory agencies in developing acceptable minimum regulations for the industry. To accomplish these tasks the Health & Safety department provides resources and general consultant services to all aspects of the industry, conducts research on health, safety and technical issues affecting the industry, provides training materials on a variety of topics and offers the Vending Machine Evaluation Program to machine manufacturers. In 1989 the department was expanded to include the safety aspects of the industry, such as OSHA and EPA requirements and provide safety training material. In this section you will find examples of the many training materials available from the Health & Safety department to assist the industry in meeting their health andsafety responsibilities as well as how to implement technology to improve their businesses.

To assist with any Technical Services questions, please contact Dr. Michael Kasavana, NAMA's Endowed Professor & Industry Technology expert at (517) 353-9211 or by email at

MDB Standard Free of Charge!
In cooperation with the EVA, please click here for the MDB/ICP Specification available free of charge!

EVA Standards Free of Charge!
As of October 10, 2005, the EVA standards (EVA-DTS, EVA-CVA, EVA-EMP, EVA-TMP and EVA-MPS) are free of charge. Please click here for more details.

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