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 The following two industry standards are officially labeled as VDI-Compliant having
successfully passed vetting and early adoption testing by the NAMA VDI Task Force:

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VDI S2S DEX - Server-to-Server DEX Standard
Version 1.1 (2011)

Coordinator: Anton Rakushkin,
Crane Merchandising System

VDI VMS-MMS - Vending-to-Micro-Market
Integration Standard Version 1.0 (2016)
Coordinator: Anton Rakushkin,
Crane Merchandising Systems


CAUTION: The following incomplete standards are NOT labeled as VDI compliant and therefore are NOT supported by NAMA; these are provided as only partial standards as neither has been fully vetted/tested. These standards can be used; as a basis for establishing a potential industry standard but the user does so at his/her own risk:







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