MAY 6-8 • NASHVILLE 312.291.7232

C-store Recon: Learn What’s Happening in the C-store Environment To Exceed Customer Expectations


Wednesday, May 6 • 2:00pm – 2:30pm


The definitions of retail and convenience continue to evolve. New consumer shopping habits are creating new reference points and dramatically shifting expectations. Surprisingly, the C-Store category remains a relative sea of sameness with few disruptors. Take this chance to leverage information from a study on your C-Store competition. Unpack the dynamics of modern consumer shopping, and explore a core set of consumer “mission types” for why, when, and how someone shops a C-Store. Then, learn how to build a strategic framework for connecting with consumers and adapting service, product, and experience based upon the mission type in that moment. Additionally, this session will explore the desired future state of convenience from the perspective of consumers.


Co-CEO, Managing Partner, Founder, Heart + Mind Strategies LLC

Maury Giles, SVP, Brand, System + Journey Team Lead, Heart + Mind Strategies LLC