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Update March 13, 2020

Latest coronavirus update here.

NAMA Press Release

Moving Forward: NAMA Team Continues to Plan Confidently for the Show

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Regarding Coronavirus

Is The NAMA Show 2020 still on?

Yes, this year’s record-breaking event is proceeding ahead as planned. We look forward to seeing you there.

May anyone attend The NAMA Show or are there restrictions?

All persons cleared by the U.S. federal government to be in the country, and not in quarantine, are welcome at The NAMA Show.

Are exhibitors or attendees cancelling due to the coronavirus outbreak?

NAMA has received cancellations from exhibitors and attendees from China and other parts of Asia, due to the travel bans and prevalence of the outbreak in that part of the world. To date, these cancellations have not been widespread and represent less than 2% of exhibitors and 2% of the total attendee count.

I am concerned about traveling to Nashville. Can I get a refund on my registration fee?

If you are from a country with an official, government-mandated travel restriction, yes, NAMA will refund your registration fee. Otherwise, NAMA’s standard Cancellation Policy remains in effect. Questions? Please contact CDS Call Center at 508.743.8552.

Is NAMA taking any special measures to help provide a safe and healthy environment for attendees?

Yes. NAMA, the Music City Center and its hotel and event partners are working to implement several measures to enhance the health and safety of attendees while at the event. Ideas being explored: hand sanitizer stations, tips and reminders about good hygiene and food sampling best practices.

What I can do to protect myself from contagion at the event?

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. You can find them on the CDC website. You will also find protective measures on the WHO website.

Where can I read more about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Following are some expert resources.
World Health Organization: advice
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: landing page (includes multiple links)


What is NAMA’s response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?

NAMA is continuing to monitor developments related to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and its potential impact on global travel, and as always, the health and safety of our members, guests, exhibitors and staff is our number one priority. Like every other business and industry globally, NAMA is closely following this issue and will heed any forthcoming mandates from the WHO, CDC or other federal agencies. In the meantime, NAMA does have a plan underway to enhance attendee health & safety while at the NAMA Show, and more on that will be communicated prior to the event. For now, it’s business as usual and NAMA will be in communication if there are any updates regarding the NAMA Show.

What does “NAMA” stand for?

NAMA stands for the National Automatic Merchandising Association.

What does NAMA do?

NAMA is the national trade association for the entire convenience services industry, including the food and refreshment vending, coffee service and foodservice management industries, including on-site, commissary, catering and micro markets. Our membership is comprised of service companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of products and services to operating service companies.

Where and when is the The NAMA Show?

The 2020 NAMA Show will take place May 6-8, 2020, in Nashville, TN, at the Music City Center.

Is there a membership to your association and how much is it?

Yes, there are different categories of membership. Learn more about NAMA membership or contact NAMA Membership at 888.337.8363 or members@namanow.org.

Do you have to be a member or meet any criteria to attend The NAMA Show?

You do not need to be a member of NAMA to attend The NAMA Show, although pricing is considerably lower for members. Anyone involved in the coffee service, micro market and vending industries are welcome to attend The NAMA Show.

Is the registration fee the same for my spouse?

Yes, the pricing will be the same for spouses as it is for the member / non-member attendee.

Can children attend?

Yes, children are welcome on the show floor. Children under the age of 18 can attend The NAMA Show free of charge. Please note: Strollers are not allowed on the show floor.

Does my personal care assistant have to pay for a registration badge?

No, if you have a disability and require a personal care assistant, they will receive a complimentary visitor badge when you register together.

Are educational sessions included in my registration fee?

All of our exciting keynote speakers and many other educational programs are included, unless otherwise noted.

What is the attire?

The recommended attire is business or business casual.


What other organizations will be at The NAMA Show?

View the exhibitor list, composed of vending machine manufacturers; manufacturers of vendible, coffee-related and foodservice products; micro markets; suppliers of goods and services that aid vending, coffee service and foodservice and micro market operators in running their businesses.

Do you need to be a member of NAMA to exhibit?

Yes, exhibiting at The NAMA Show is a benefit of membership. However, this requirement is waived for new exhibitors as determined by NAMA. If a new exhibitor doesn’t join NAMA, they will pay the non-member exhibitor fee. To exhibit in subsequent years, they will need to join NAMA. All previous exhibitors at The NAMA Show must be a member in good standing to be eligible to exhibit. Please contact our membership department at members@namanow.org, for more information. Please also see the NAMA Business and Ethical Standards.

How do I reserve a booth?

To book your exhibit space contact Anthony O’Shea at aoshea@namanow.org or 770.432.8410 x109.
To book your exhibit space contact Katie Burke at kburke@namanow.org or 770.432.8410 x156.

For all companies with exhibitor care questions contact Megan Scherman at mscherman@namanow.org or 770.432.8410 x162.

What is NOT included in my booth exhibit package?

The cost of carpet (required), electrical, WiFi, etc., are not included in the above rate. These services can be ordered through the show kit which is available approximately 90 days prior to the show.

What benefits do you offer to new exhibitors?

In addition to everything that comes with your booth exhibit package, as a new exhibitor you will also receive:new exhibitor ribbon to readily identify your company as “new” to The NAMA Show; the opportunity to join NAMA at a special rate for your first year; and special listing of company name and booth number in The NAMA Show Program Guide.

What will the exhibitor manual include and when will it be available?

The exhibitor manual includes all order forms, booth furnishing and carpet options, booth cleaning information, labor rates, etc. It will be available approximately 90 days before the show. Global Experience Specialists (GES) is the general service contractor for The NAMA Show, and they will offer a discount on all services ordered before the published deadline.

How do I update my exhibitors listing or add a description?

To update your exhibitor listing, visit your exhibitor portal. If you have not received an e-mail with access to your exhibitor portal, please contact Megan Scherman at mscherman@namanow.org. You may have an outstanding booth or membership payment.

How can I get involved?

Contact Anthony O’Shea at aoshea@namanow.org or 770.432.8410 x109 or Katie Burke at kburke@namanow.org or 770.432.8410 x156 for information on how to boost your presence at the show.

Where can I find additional information?

Visit our exhibit page to reserve your booth, review dates and deadlines and find additional resources. Our exhibitor manual will be coming soon with NAMA’s exhibitor toolkit, your guide to marketing your presence at The NAMA Show and making the most of your exhibit investment.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

NAMA Exhibit Manager, Megan Scherman at mscherman@namanow.org or 815.321.9972.