Pre-Con Session

Tuesday, May 5 • 9:00am - 12:00pm

Micro Market Magic: Interactive Guidance for Building Better Markets

$195 members • $295 non-members


Micro markets are seeing extended, robust growth throughout the convenience services industry. If you’re new to markets or have recently opened your first few, this is the opportunity to turn your unattended retail display into a sophisticated, profitable destination. Join this interactive session to learn about advanced approaches to the finances and design of micro markets — and make your markets profitable, relevant and sustainable.

This course will cover the following important topics:

Comparing micro market systems and understanding what is best for your operation
Ensuring micro market profitability within the cashless environment

Navigating digital advertising and marketing strategies to drive profits

Merchandising strategies that will increase profitability
How your P & L and internal processes need to adapt to effectively track profitability


Steve Closser, Translucent LLC
Patty Closser, Translucent LLC