MAY 6-8 • NASHVILLE 312.291.7232

Profiting from Big Data: Key Insights from an Analysis of One Million Vending Consumers


Thursday, May 7 • 11:00am – 11:30am


Ask any vending operator who they consider to be their customer. The operator will instinctively respond with locations in mind. After all, virtually all interaction an operator has is with the location where the vending machines are installed. The end-users are nameless, faceless, and usually very little is known about them. This is particularly remarkable because while the location is the “customer”, in most cases the “customer” pays nothing. Every sale is made and paid by the anonymous vending consumer. This session offers a rare glimpse of the consumer base. We provide an analysis of one million actual vending users across the United States and share insights on their behaviors, purchasing patterns, and other interesting findings.


CEO and Founder, PayRange