MAY 6-8 • NASHVILLE 312.291.7232

The ABC’s of Building Your Own Digital Marketing Program


Wednesday, May 6 • 8:00am – 8:50am


Learn how to produce your own videos for social media marketing. To provide first-hand guidance and prove it’s a low-cost communication channel, a real episode of Minute with Marler will be filmed at the session with someone from the audience and then edited it while the presentation is taking place. Key data points to be shared — why it’s important to load the video on the actual social media site instead of sharing a YouTube link, why videos also need to be made into blog posts, the proper length of a video on each platform, which platform gives you the most bang for the buck, why closed caption is critical and much more!

Learn how to grow your business and to create a community within your existing customer base. Social media posts with clients can show happy employees, healthy vending options, benefits of employees eating lunch together, and so much more . . . video is a great platform for you to tell your story!


VP of Sales and Marketing, LightSpeed Automation