MAY 6-8 • NASHVILLE 312.291.7232

The Market Growth Potential of High Value Unattended Goods and Services


Thursday, May 7 • 2:00pm – 2:30pm


PYMNTS and USA Technologies are collaborating to gauge consumers’ familiarity with and usage of unattended retail experiences and determine the market growth potential in several key unattended retail subsectors: non-traditional vending: clothing and accessories, health and beauty, computers and electronics; vehicular services; laundry services; amusement and arcade; and food and beverages. The study’s focus on these non-traditional, high-value unattended retail goods and services serves two purposes. First, it presents respondents with specific, tangible unattended retail use cases with which they can relate, helping them recall previous experiences with similar purchasing situations. Second, it provides a narrative framework to redefine “unattended retail” beyond the scope of traditional vending machine and self-service kiosk offerings, such as food and beverages.


SVP Marketing, USA Technologies