How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Placing a value on a business is one of the most complex challenges that a firm will ever face. In many instances the company needs absolute precision in the valuation process. Determining the exact value of a business requires extensive research and consultation with a valuation specialist.

In most instances, however, the firm only needs a realistic estimate. It is possible to develop a reasonable approximation by using some standardized financial models. Unfortunately, such models are often expensive to purchase and difficult to use without an extensive financial background.

There is Good News! NAMA has worked with the Profit Planning Group to develop an Excel template that will provide such an estimate easily and quickly. All that is required is answering a few simple questions (and maybe a couple of not so simple ones). The template will then provide three different valuation estimates - Liquidation Value, Discounted Future Earnings Value and Assets and Earnings Value.

The Excel© template can be downloaded from the NAMA website. Once it is downloaded, it can be used as many times as desired from your own computer. The template will be updated periodically based upon input from NAMA members using the template.

The only requirement is that you must log in including your e-mail address and a provided password from NAMA. In this way the service is limited only to members of NAMA. The Profit Planning Group will not contact you and will not provide your e-mail address to any other firm. The data input and evaluation process will be done on your own computer for your own use. You will not have to transmit any data to any website.

To access the Business Valuation Worksheet, please log in with your NAMA Member ID and from the left menu, hover over "Vending" and select "Business Valuation Worksheet."

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