energy star Energy Star? You may have seen this logo on many household appliances, but did you know that it also applies to your vending machines? For further information, please click here.

Can/Bottle and Multipackage Refrigerated Vending Machines

In 2005 Congress passed a Federal Energy bill that mandated the U. S. Department of Energy establish energy efficient regulations for domestic and commercial appliances and other devices, one of which is refrigerated can/bottle and multipackage vending machines. Work is now underway with the Department to establish these regulations based on the work already done with ENERGY STAR and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Watch this site for further information:

Currently the NAMA Energy Team, composed of machine manufacturers and soft drink bottlers, is working with NRCan on the development of energy efficient specifications for refrigerated can/bottle and multipackage vending machines. The NRCan has an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U. S. Department of Energy to assure any specifications developed will be in agreement. Watch this site for further information:

At the April 2004 NAMA Spring Expo can/bottle and multipackage vending machine manufacturers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR program announced a new specification for vending machines to earn the ENERGY STAR label. Can/bottle and multipackage vending machines that qualify for ENERGY STAR are 35 percent more energy efficient than standard can/bottle and multipackage models. This specification currently applies only to new models. To see what models currently carry the ENERGY STAR label please visit the web site of these manufacturers:

Automated Merchandising Systems /
Dixie-Narco /
U-Select-It /
SandenVendo /

The California Energy Commission (CEC) also has a specification on energy efficiency for can/bottle and multipackage refrigerated vending machines. To see what models currently meet the CEC requirements please visit their web site:

Now Rebuilt Soft Drink Vending Machines Can Become Energy Efficient

The team at NAMA is constantly on the lookout for opportunities that lead to improvements in efficiency, productivity, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and that help lower cost and expense for members.

We are excited to report that five machine models equipped with the VM2iQ® conservation technology from USA Technologies now meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and are the first to qualify under the new specification.

USA Technologies, a NAMA member, provides the EnergyMiser® product line that lowers energy consumption in vending machines and coolers by up to 45%. USA Technologies was the first company to launch an EnergyMiser Conversion Program, which offers a turnkey package of technology and services to help bottlers take advantage of the savings offered by new ENERGY STARqualified rebuilt machines. The models that have been retrofitted with the VM2iQ for ENERGY STAR qualification, the first of many undergoing testing and refurbishing, include the following Sanden Vendo and Dixie Narco machines: Vendo 720 and 840; Dixie 368, 501 and 600.

These rebuilt machine combinations are now eligible to carry the ENERGY STAR mark and appear on the EPA’s ENERGY STAR qualified products list, under new rebuilt model numbers, at

An ENERGY STAR qualified vending machine uses 40% less energy than a standard vending machine that uses 3,000 kilowatt-hours annually, saving customers approximately $130 per year.

Refurbishing extends machine life, avoids the cost of safe disposal of inefficient machines, and helps bottlers meet their environmental goals by lowering energy consumption and C02 emission. It also adds a powerful "tool" to secure existing accounts.

The VM2iQ technology can be easily installed at the vending machine’s location, avoiding transportation costs. USA Technologies estimates the VM2iQ would require 15 minutes to install and costs about $100.

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