Dear NAMA Operator:

We invite you to participate in the attached survey -- Key Indicators for Success: 2015 Operating Ratio Report. We’ve taken steps to simplify to make this tool as user-friendly as possible without sacrificing the robust data it delivers.

Why participate? The Operating Ratio Report provides financial benchmarking and analysis that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, the report provides critical metrics designed to help you plan for long-term profit performance and sales growth. The variable data includes metrics for typical and high-performing companies, including sales per employee, costs of goods and services, operating expenses, inventory turnover and accounts receivable. According to operators, outside consultants and research companies, the report is very valuable,serving as a discussion tool with banks and other investment partners.

An important note: the information you provide is strictly confidential, solely for analysis by Profit Planning Group. NAMA nor any other firm or individual has access to any member responses.

The survey will require no more than two hours of your time, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. In exchange for your participation, you will receive, free of charge, the following tools valued at more than $300:

  • Key Indicators for Success: Operating Ratio Report 2015
    A financial and operating profile of the entire industry
  • Performance Analysis Report and Profit Toolkit
    A confidential report sent directly to you comparing your firm with similar size participating firms in addition to a customized financial planning spreadsheet

To download the survey, click here for PDF format or click here for Excel.  The deadline for the completed survey – to be submitted directly to Profit Planning Group, highlighted in yellow on the survey -- is April 15, 2015. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Brian Rickel at Profit Planning Group ( or me (

I thank you and so do your fellow operators.

Best Regards,

Dan Mathews
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer


Download the survey:

Please submit your survey by Wednesday, April 15, 2015!

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