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NAMA Machine Evaluation Program

The NAMA Machine Evaluation Program is a service provided by NAMA to assist vending machine manufacturers in building equipment in conformity with the public health requirements set forth in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Public Health Service Model Food Code. It also provides a means by which vending operators, customers, public health regulatory officials, military personnel and other user groups can identify those machines that meet both the FDA Food Code and NAMA design and construction standards.

Who May Participate

The evaluation program is open to manufacturers, re-manufacturers and suppliers of conversion equipment for vending machines, coffee brewer equipment and reach-in coolers. A company need not be a member of NAMA to participate, however an additional fee will apply.

Why Certify?

  1. Public health, agriculture and military agencies widely accept the evaluation program’s certification. Many governmental and military foodservice regulations require that all food, beverage and water vending machines meet recognized national public health standards.
  2. Operators have the assurance that a credible, objective, third party certified professional - widely recognized by public health officials - has evaluated, tested and verified that the vending machines they purchase comply with public health standards and the NAMA Construction Standard. Manufacturers' participation in the program demonstrate their intent and capability to promote public health by providing machines complying with NAMA Construction Standard.

How the Program Works

Machines are evaluated to the applicable design and construction specifications of the latest edition of the U.S. Public Health Service Model Food Code and the requirements of the NAMA Standard for the Sanitary Design and Construction of Food and Beverage Vending Machines. All evaluations are conducted by NAMA through consultants who specialize in public health and environmental issues.

When a machine meets the requirements of these two specifications, a "Letter of Compliance" is issued by the public health consultant identifying the machine by manufacturer, model and the date the certification was first issued. Following the issuance of the compliance letter, the manufacturer is authorized to display the "NAMA Listed" service mark on its LISTED machines.

Evaluations are conducted at the manufacturer’s site or at a location which can accommodate the evaluation.

New machine models are certified by NAMA. Once certified, machines are re-evaluated annually to ensure ongoing compliance to NAMA Certification Standards.

To Apply Click Here

For questions, contact Eric Dell at 202.669.6139 or edell@namanow.org or Rick Daugherty at publichealth100@gmail.com.

For a list of certified companies, click here.

Need a copy of a compliance letter, click here.

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